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LawAlign Will Track Your Settlement Negotiations

Created: Mar 26, 2018 1:07 am
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Stop wasting time on searching through notes to remember the trail of settlement negotiations on your cases. Let LawAlign track your goals, demands, and offers, so that you effortlessly and instantly know what transpired previously and never get short-changed.

Use LawAlign's settlement negotiation tab to instantly add, edit or view all prior data. This will assist you in gaining valuable time and effort, along with the added benefit of getting more than your last offer. At the least, you'll know what your last offer even was, without having to figure it out!

LawAlign was specifically made for Personal Injury Law Firms. The fields and tabs are fully customizable and are included in the purchase price. So join the countless Personal Injury Attorneys who are leaving their "general softwares" behind and moving over to LawAlign, the BEST Personal Injury Case Management software on the market. We are excited and look forward to becoming your FINAL solution. Email us at info@lawalign.com to schedule a demo today!

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