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LawAlign's Critical Type Management

Created: May 29, 2016 2:30 am
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LawAlign Case Type Deadlines Setup

The Critical Dates that go along with each type of case, such as Statute of Limitations, Notice of Claims, No-Fault and SUM/UM deadlines and etc. must be created at the onset of using LawAlign Case Management Software.

The Case Type Deadlines are setup one time and can be modified at any time.

Once the case type deadlines are set up for each type of case, critical dates will automatically create once the Type I field in the Case Info screen is selected.

When inputting and creating the Case Type deadlines, use the TRUE critical dates since there are reports within the system that use the said dates. Users have the ability to schedule earlier critical dates and reminders through the Case Plans and the LawAlign reminders.

1. Access Case Type Deadlines through the button below the Case age field in the Case Info tab within any Case. This button will open the Case Type Deadline Management.

2. Case Type Deadline Management will allow you to create new critical dates for new types of cases as well edit existing ones.

3. In the Case Type Deadline Management the user will see the standard Types of Cases; the user should go through each Type and make sure that the deadlines are correct for their particular State. Create the deadline name, then select the days, months, years from which the critical deadline will calculate and select the field that the date will calculate from. Select from Date of Loss, Date of Death, Case Open or Date of Birth. Once the Case Type Deadlines are created simply close out of the Case Type Deadline Management. The user can also add different types of cases by using the Add Type button on the bottom left corner.

4. In each case the Critical Dates will generate once the Type I field in Case Info is selected. The Critical Dates will appear on the upper right side corner under Case Age.

5. The Critical Dates will also generate in each case when Type I is selected. The user can see the scheduled Critical Dates in the Events tab within Workflow of each case. These dates will also appear in the LawAlign Calendar. At this point the user can add any additional assignees, reminders and alerts to the newly created Critical Dates by clicking on the square icon located all the way to the left of each Event. 

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