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Case Management Software Designed for Personal Injury Firms!

Created: Oct 21, 2018 1:40 am
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If you work in a Personal Injury Firm you know that there are hundreds of details to keep track off. Everything from new case details to settlement or trial and everything in between. 

LawAlign was not created by one attorney, it was created by hundreds of personal injury attorneys, paralegals, and office managers, who shared their ideas and thoughts with our developers to create a one of a kind case management system, that is as powerful, as it is easy to use. It is a case management system that evolves with each new client that we have. Because our system is customizable, there is a free flow of ideas from the only people who matter, the ones that are working in personal injury every day! 

LawAlign is all about the details, here is a list of some of the case details that your office will be able to keep track off, giving you the best tools you need to consistently get the best outcomes for your clients.

- Case statuses, critical comments, case values, accident details, party details;

- Workflow; tasks, events, unscheduled task/events, automatic task/event plans, task/event checklists;

- Notes, ability to email notes, to turn them into billable time, filtering important notes;

- All case related documents in one place, easy access to be able to print, copy, edit, move, duplicate, track and zip files and documents;

- Easy document creation and generation, attach forms to tasks and events, quick document generation from anywhere in the case;

- Insurance details, claim numbers, policy limits, insurance companies and adjuster information, no-fault and medpay ledgers, property damage info, other damages;

- Medical facilities, medical bills, medical timeline, current and prior injuries, treatment dates, IME's, Liens;

- Employment information, lost wages, paid wages;

- Litigation information, pleadings, motions, discovery, depositions, court appearances, trial documents, case captions;

- Legal research - keep all of your legal research in one place and build a database of legal research that you can always refer back to;

- Other entities, witnesses, employers, emergency contacts, expert witnesses, and all other entities that are involved in your case;

- Keep track of time, case expenses and have the ability to create invoices for your non personal injury matters;

- Negotiations, policy limits, settlement goals, demands and offers;

- Disbursement tab, different for each state, calculate your fees and etc. 

- Customizable checklists for each case;

- User dashboards, todays task's, upcoming critical dates, today's reminders, personal documents, calendar events, cases and timekeeping;

- Activity Log, keep track of every change that occurs within LawAlign;

- Unlimited amount of reports that can be exported into excel with ease, every field and any record can be searched and exported.

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