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Be Efficient and Effective with LawAlign the BEST Personal Injury Case Management Software

Created: Jan 24, 2017 2:45 am
Topics: Features

LawAlign was built on one of the most powerful yet easy to use cross-platform databases on the market. FileMaker Pro is today's most user friendly platform, it is intuitive, simple and extremely easily navigable.

Often times firms worry about the learning curve that their staff will have when beginning to work with a case management software, or when they are making a transition from an obsoleted system. I am excited to share, that after hundreds of firms that we have trained to use LawAlign, the average time to learn the software and begin working is two hours. TWO HOURS! There is no need for endless hours of training and having to refer back to hundreds of pages of instructions. 

Here is a a quick overview of the steps that we take to implement LawAlign into your firm. Rest assured that you will not be disturbed. Depending on which case management software you are currently using, you will work on your current system while we prep LawAlign for your firm. Once all the customizations are made for your firm (if applicable), we will begin converting your software on a Friday at the end of the day and by Monday morning your staff will be able to log on to LawAlign and begin working without skipping a beat. 

If your office does not have a previous case management system, we will schedule a convenient day and time to install and upload the system and within hours your staff can begin working in the system.

The training will occur in the week after the system is installed, so that the training will be fresh in all of the users minds while they are actually utilizing the software. 

Our promise to you is that we will do everything in our power to make your transition to LawAlign as smooth as possible!

Send us an email right now to, so we can send you a 30 Day Trial of LawAlign! 

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