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A Software That Fits YOUR Firm

Created: Jul 14, 2021 12:15 am
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Software customization allows you to take your firms procedures and practices and add them to our software, which will seamlessly integrate with your office.

Do you have to customize? Absolutely not, but it sure is a nice option to have as your firm grows and changes through out the years. 

LawAlign software grows with your firm and the customization feature insures that you never outgrow it. 

Small tweaks and changes can also be made so that your software works for you exactly the way you need it to. 

There are case management softwares out there that claim that they are made for personal injury but they do not have the needed fields that are absolutely necessary for a personal injury firm. Also, we have heard our clients complain that software companies charge $20-$30 dollars per template so that you are able to generate documents. We are happy to share that LawAlign not only does not charge for template creation but will teach your office to create as may templates as you need to making your staff efficient and happy! Quick note on templates: to manually draft a medical records request it takes about 5-7 minutes, with LawAlign 35 seconds! Impressive? We think so. 

Quite simply, LawAlign helps you organize your practice. LawAlign makes it easy for attorneys and legal assistants to electronically manage every aspect of the case, from client intake, through depositions and discovery, to settlement or trial. It was created by the needs and wants of attorneys, using a built-in, industrial-strength, relational database engine, and a friendly, user-driven interface. This combination of processing power and ease-of-use allows legal professionals to do valuable work from the day of installation, and they need NOT become computer experts.

Contact us at info@lawalign to schedule a demo! 

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